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  • Opposite : Marbles of the World
    Med 9 Health Care building
    2nd Floor, Srinagar Colony
    Phone No : 8885043314 / 8885043315
    Mobile : +91 8978955944
    Health Packages     All Laboratory tests
    3D Ultrasound, Colour Doppler     Digital X-Ray
    TMT     2D Echo     ECG     All Laboratory tests
    PFT & Other Tests Done here
    500 Slices CT and 1.5 Tesla 16 Channel available at main centre
    Opened new branch at Srinagar Colony
  • Vista Imaging and Medical Centre
    Leads the Industry with
    7 Years of Trust and Dedication…
  • Buy for Rs. 8000 and Get Investigations
    worth Rs. 12000 in an year
    Vista Diagnostic Health Card
  • Pioneer in Radiology     State of the Art Technology
    Specialised Services    Safer than Ever before
    Homely Ambience
    Vista Imaging & Medical Centre Leads the Way !
  • High Resolution 1.5 Tesla MR 360
    Advance 16 Channel Optima equal to 3.0 Tesla
    but far more superior in Deliverables
    (First in South India) (Magnetic Resonance imaging)
    Humanness is what we believe in
  • STATE OF THE ART 500 Slice CT Scanner – The latest in the World – The only in any diagnostic Centre in the Twin States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
    Accuracy is Our Perfection...
  • For Liver Diseases Proudly Announces
    The State-Of-The-Art Technology
    (First Time In Twin States)
    MR Elastography
  • 3D / 4D Ultrasound Voluson
    E8 - Complete suite of
    Fetal Medicine studies.
    Excellence is what we achieve...
  • Whole Body Dexa Scan
    Bone Mineral Density (DXA)
    Compassion is what we practice...
  • Mammography:
    Digital Mammography with iCAD
    Care is what we ARE...

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Most advanced and comprehensive Range of Radiology Services in the Heart of Hyderabad!

Vista Imaging & Medical Centre offers the most advanced and comprehensive range of Radiology Services in the Heart of Hyderabad. With an infrastructure that is equipped to give you a truly unique alternative to traditional radiology imaging, Vista also offers the services of a highly skilled team of health care professionals, Subspecialty Radiologists, Accredited Technologists and dedicated nursing staff.

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